With the courage to pioneer unchartered territory,
we will do our best
to become the best-trusted partner.

NTG Korea Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 as a lubricant and grease manufacturer and sales company for machinery and automobiles. It strives to lead the industrial market and become independent from European and American technologies.
We have our own R&D Center to satisfy the changing market environment, meet customer needs and continue to invest to ensure technological competitiveness.

In addition, we take a people and environment-centered approach, initiating environmental and health practices to move forward in creating a safer and better workplace.
In the future, NTG Korea Co., Ltd. promises to bring customers innovation beyond high-quality lubrication and do its best to lead the market.
Thank you for your sincere support and interest in NTG Korea Co., Ltd

Park Jae-hong, CEO of NTG Korea Co., Ltd.